For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all persons attending this event; we have in place these conditions of entry.

• To enter this event site, you must have a valid ticket or other approved authorization and or accreditation

• This event is 18+, Patrons will be required to present photo ID as proof of age

• Accepted forms of ID are Photo Drivers License, NSW Photo Card, Current Passport

• Any person gaining unauthorized access to this event will be liable to prosecution

• Any person found not to be wearing an official event wristband will be ejected from the event

• Promoters and organisers reserve the right to search all persons and all personal possessions at the time of entry to the venue.

Failure to comply will mean you will be prevented from entering the event; this is a condition of entry

• This event is fully licensed. Alcohol sales are subject to Responsible Service of Alcohol Practices.

• We are prohibited by law from serving liquor to patrons under the age of 18 and intoxicated persons

• Activities such as ‘stage diving’, ‘moshing’, ‘climbing’ and ‘crowd surfing’ are strictly prohibited

• Persons causing a disturbance or refusing to comply with requests from Security will be ejected from the event

• The promoters and organisers reserve the right to refuse entry or reject patrons from the event at its sole discretion

• The promoter or venue shall not be held liable for loss, injury or damages sustained entering or at the event

• By entering this event site, you agree to be filmed or photographed which may be used for marketing or promotional purposes

• The promoter reserves the right to vary advertised programmes and to add, withdraw or substitute artists where necessary

• Smoking is not permitted within 4mtrs of any dining areas.

• Anyone found to be breaking conditions of entry inside or outside the event or any behaviour deemed to be anti social will be

refused entry and/or ejected from the site without refund.

• By using our medical facilities, you consent to the promoter having access to your medical records


The following restricted or prohibited items are not permitted by patrons into the event:• Glass. No glass is allowed for safety reasons.

• Anything that may reasonably be considered a weapon at Security’s discretion

• Professional photo or video equipment. Small cameras and digital SLRs for personal use are fine

• Animals (other than registered guide dogs).

• Umbrellas, Canopies, Tents or Shade Structures

• Furniture, including camping chairs, couches, etc.

• BBQs, cookers, gas bottles, fireworks, generators

• Any BYO alcohol

• Illicit drugs

• Lasers or laser pointers

• Flags with poles, large flags or banners that may obstruct the view of other patrons

• Any item that you intend (or such quantities of the item from which Management can reasonably infer that you intend) to distribute,

hawk, sell, offer, expose for sale or display for marketing or promotional purposes

• Any other items as determined by Security or Management that may cause injury or public nuisance; and

• Plastic sealed or opened drink containers (only empty reusable water bottles are allowed into the event)

• Face Masks