Goons of Doom

The Goons of Doom are a bunch of anti-reptilian, Lego loving, rock and roll fuckwits who play fire breathing guitars and shoot rainbows straight into the corn of hatred and fascism. It seems like only yesterday they were the wasted darlings of the surf rock scene, opening for Hole and Mariachi El Bronx at the esteemed SXSW fezzy in Texas and playing to thousands across America and Europe. Nowadays, the Goons enjoy life as Australian underground gutter filth royalty, coming out of their mountain cave and shredding the eye skin off crowds with sets fuelled by billions of beers skulled from a 44-gallon drum that’s still half full of diesel. With a new album “Long Live Smid and his Black Skull Bong” ready to wipe out the next age of dinosaurs, the Goons show is a must-see event, second only to catching someone passed out on a port-a-loo with the door left wide open.


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