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Hockey dad

The Preatures

Jack River


Goons of Doom


Mild West


Belle Badi

Grace Turner



Bringing the best and brightest of the Great Lakes and Manning sustainable produce movement together, Grow Your Own’s ‘Grower’s Area’ allows you to eat and drink locally-sourced goodness. From tasty cheese plates matched with boutique wines and kombucha cocktails, to tailored stall menus sourced completely from local products - the forefront of the area’s growing foodie movement will be at the doorstep of the festival.

The lineup of Growers will expand from the plate to the garden - with a permaculture garden and potted gardens for the urban green thumb, featuring bee hives and a rotating list of young producers keen to share their craft. Make bread with Lydia, learn how Rachel lived a month eating entirely her own homegrown food, and discover why bees are the world’s most important pollinator with Amber Drop Honey. There will be plenty more growers to meet; fisherman, farmers and more.

A pop-up cinema will immerse festival-goers into the life and story of a Grower with local film Teach A Man to Fish (Sydney Film Festival/Byron International Film Festival) based on historic, indigenous family the Saunders and other films.

Workshops, Talks & Gardens

Chelsea Hands

Workshops, Talks & Gardens

Amber Drop Honey

Workshops, Talks & Gardens

Rachel Altenbacher

Workshops, Talks & Gardens

Internal Instinct

Workshops, Talks & Gardens

Food Stalls

Palms MICRO Bakery

Food Stalls

Dr Drool

Food Stalls

Summer Cup Co

Food Stalls


Food & Drink Suppliers

Bottled Culture

Food & Drink

Old Inn Road

Food & Drink

Burraduc Farm

Food & Drink

Totally Free Range

Food & Drink

Meadow Ridge

Food & Drink

Comboyne Orchard

Food & Drink

Harvest Farm Fresh

Food & Drink


Producers & Installations

Yeo Farm

Producers & Installations

Long Table Farm

Producers & Installations

Organics Mattr

Producers & Installations



Teach a Man to Fish


Living the Change





Sailor Jerry

Made the Old School way. 80 Proof. Bold & Smooth as Hell.

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Smirnoff - The world’s number 1 vodka - will be joining the fun and festivities at Grow Your Own 2019. All your favourite Smirnoff drinks will be available, including Smirnoff Pure – Soda and Lime! A delicious mix of vodka and natural ingredients.


Young Henrys

Like most good stories, ours started over a beer. Meeting on opposite sides of the bar, Richard Adamson and Oscar McMahon got talking over their love of beer and view that the Australian beer should be more adventurous, innovative and fun.

Young Henrys Brewery was officially born in 2012 in Newtown. Now in 2018, the brewery is growing at break-neck speed and servicing hundreds of local and national watering holes.

By keeping things local, reducing environmental impact, and collaborating with likeminded, passionate, creative people, Young Henrys stands behind an unwavering vision to brew beer and distil spirits the local community loves and is proud to call their own.


Destination Barrington Coast

More than a holiday destination, the Barrington Coast is a place of discovery, from the mountains to the sea and everywhere in between.

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